FEX highlights for Helix Toolkit (WPF) users

There are several extended or not standard uses of Helix Toolkit in FEX:

Note that there are some blank space on each face in that design; two layers were added: one with geometry of each letter (with hit testing disabled) and on top of that another transparent layer which captures click/double click event.

TrianglePointsVisual3D ArrowLineVisual3D

By holding SHIFT and rotating HelixViewport3D the performed transformation will be rotation around screen perpendicular axis:

Mesh visuals (LinesVisual3D) are removed when CameraChanged event is fired. When manipulation has ended they are added again.

Achieved by synchronizing multiple HelixViewport3D and Overlays (Canvas).

Hidden Line Not Hidden Line Transparent

Sorting is enabled when transparency detected.

It may be hard to select entities that are rendered as lines, as available space for hit detection is around 1 pixel (width of the visual line).
In FEX it is possible to select that entities even if the mouse cursor it is not exactly over the line.

This is achieved by simulating mouse hits in circular patterns around the cursor every time FindHits() returns an empty collection.

There are some other cool features in FEX that may be interesting for a WPF Helix Toolkit developer that I have not covered here. If you are interested in knowing how to achieve some behavior, just send me an email and I'll try to help you.

Good luck!